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TUESDAY                                       10:00 AM

FRIDAY                                           10:00 AM

Yoga Mat

Prana Vashya Yoga is focused on correct breathing, correct and save positions, meditation and building awareness of your body. You will have enough time to get your body and mind to the comfortable asanas and you will feel the progress of your flexibility and strength already during the lesson..

You need yoga mat or carpet, towel and comfortable clothes 

Yoga Class

TUESDAY                                       7:30 PM


Spiral stabilisation is exercising created by physiotherapeutic doctor. It works amazingly for the back, neck and shoulder pain, supporting your balance and stability and it is also very beneficial for disc herniation or scoliosis. Do you have hip replacement? Yes, this is also for you! 

You need yoga mat or carpet, towel, Yoga block or high book, Spiral stabilisation cord* and comfortable clothes. 

AEROBIC - body styling

WEDNESDAY                                8:00 PM

Shoes on Display

Body styling is for everyone who wants to burn some fat tissue, build a nice shape of the body, loose weight and feel happier!
Lessons starts with 10-15 min warming up, then 30 min of active workout and 10 - 15 minutes of stretching. After lesson You will feel amazing! 

You need yoga mat or carpet, towel, sport shoes and comfortable clothes. 

Gym Class

* the spiral stabilisation cord you can buy in my shop. 

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