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First there is a session with the therapist for 120 min. Discussion of the current state of health, results, symptoms, signals, diagnoses and previous results. What is important in the interview is to identify genetic and epigenetic factors that may be involved in the manifestation of the disease. These are - diet, sleep, exercise, drinks, emotions - relationships, environmental influences. All this fits into the context of the timeline of the life story, including genetic and epigenetic gender predispositions, as well as all previous health outcomes. The aim is to understand the context of the manifestation of difficulties, as a completely logical consequence of the above. The goal is to understand WHY the pain may have arisen. That understanding is absolutely essential. Then we set a plan. It includes an individual set of recommendations from the therapist - physical, mental and nutritional. Over time, the dynamics of changes are evaluated with the therapist and the process is optimized over time. The therapy is based on the latest scientific findings, respects the integrity of the functioning of the human being at the body-mind level, does not protect spirituality and considers everyone as a unique individuality, set in an environment and context.

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